“Lee is an all-around great guy. He made me fall in love with him, because I saw what a good heart he has. He is my husband, but also my best friend. He gets me…every silly part and truly does love me. He has a wonderful sense of humor and I often find myself just laughing at him. He keeps me laughing and I just adore being around him!

Lee is an avid “football” guy and loves working with his hands … something breaks, have no fear Lee is near! He truly is a hardworking man; he is extremely intelligent and succeeds in all he does. He is often praised and recognized in his job based off his dedication, smarts and integrity!

Lee comes from a great family and has quite a few childhood friends that have become a part of our daily lives. Lee has become “Uncle Lee” to quite a few children and my most favorite sound is when I hear the word “DaDa” screamed across the room. He loves all the children in our lives and really gets involved in their activities, he becomes their biggest fan!

Lee is an amazing father. He lights up when he is around our son and I have truly never seen him happier. From the minute he walks in the door it is play time. The laughs, giggles and screams that fill the house are amazing. The unconditional love that Lee has is something that is truly breathtaking to be witness to. His world revolves around his family and he does everything in his power to provide for us. I can’t wait to see Lee become a father again and watch his love for his family grow even more!

Lee is pretty awesome!” -Nancy

“Lee lights up when he is around our son and I have truly never seen him happier.” —Nancy

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