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“Nancy is my best friend, my true love, my wife, the one who kisses me good night and the first one to say good morning to me every day. A woman with a heart of gold and an infectious smile, a friend who is always there when you need her most. We met in 2007, she greeted me with a big hug and a flirty kiss on the cheek. Nancy comes from wonderful family, she has life-long friends and genuinely makes people feel at ease in her presence.

Nancy is tough, she is sincere and most of all she’s warm. Nancy has an innocent sense of humor, laughing at things for the pure comedic value, not the language, not the insinuation, but the fun of it. She wants people around her to be comfortable, happy, and relaxed. There is always more than enough food at our table, a few friends’ means 10 and hugs are not given away to just anyone.

I fell in love with Nancy when she told me about her job, a teacher of 5th grade students. She talked about the children the whole conversation, how they grow up, how impressionable they are and how she worked every day to get through to them. Nancy is one of the most creative people I have met, always thinking of a new way to engage with the children. Nancy puts 100% of her efforts into whatever she does; her job, her home, her marriage and now her son.

She made me fall in love with her, she takes care of me, makes me a better person. I love her with all my heart and I never want to be without her. We have chosen to spend the rest of our lives together, we have kept that promise thus far and have no intention of breaking it. Her relationships speak volumes about her, to this day, she has many friends from childhood that she sees and speaks to everyday.

In 2015, Nancy became a mom, mama, or mommy, whatever you want to call her, she answers to all of them. All the qualities that made me fall in love with Nancy have been enhanced since the adoption of our son Zachary. Nancy cherishes our little boy to the point of no return, she loves him to the moon and back and always has a hug and kiss for her little man.

Being a mom is serious business, Zachary gets spoiled every day; they read books, play games, run around the yard and sometime take naps together. Her goal is to make him smile, keep him warm and make sure he is learning something new all the time. I know, because I see it, they both look very comfortable with one another, generally when together they are both at their best.

Nancy is the best person I know. She has so much love to share, so much to teach and so much to give.” —Lee

“All the qualities that made me fall in love with Nancy have been enhanced since the adoption of our son.” —Lee

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