Zachary is a sweet little boy! Zachary has bright blue eyes and a big smile he shares with the world, no matter where we go, people stop to say hello to Zachary.

As he is about to turn two, Zachary is really beginning to talk and at times has very funny comments to questions we ask him. He is curious and learns something new every day, many times to our amazement.

Zachary loves to be outside, he plays in the yard for hours only stopping for water and snacks. He loves the pool and enjoys it the most when his whole family is swimming with him. He is fearless and daring and like to try new things. Zachary chases our dog Frankie and giggles as Frankie runs away from him.

At night, Zachary sits with Mommy and Daddy, has his nighttime bottle and likes to read stores before bedtime. He ends his day with kissing and hugging us goodnight. He is an amazing little man and will make an excellent big brother.

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